Client FAQs


Our normal therapy sessions are 30 minutes each week. However, we can offer 1 hour sessions fortnightly (every 2 weeks) if you would prefer this at £130 per month. 


Yes, as long as you're flexible with the day and time of the appointment. As this is a lower cost offer, our therapists who have signed up have set aside specific times. 


Short answer, as long as you need it! Most people agree with their therapist when a good time to end would be. This is normally when you've made enough progress with what you're going through and found ways to cope.
However, if you wish to cancel at any time, just let us know or sign in to your account and cancel the subscription. Please let your therapist know when possible so they're aware. Please note that unused sessions are non-refundable.


Yes - most of our therapists on the affordable therapy program do offer free initial 15 or 20 minute calls. Let us know on support@uktherapyguide.com who you would like a call with and we can arrange it for you. 
Sometimes. Most of our therapists offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychotherapy as a standard. Some also offer more specific therapies. If you would like a specific type of therapy, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you. 



Simply, yes. We've had great success with 30 minute sessions and have taken advise from our Clinical Director about recommended timing. The therapists on the program are experienced in keeping sessions laser focused so you get the most out of them. 
Additionally, the NHS offers 30 minutes for various therapy types, as do many BACP registered therapists so we're in good company. Multiple studies have also shown the effectiveness of such sessions. Our own feedback too has been heart-warming, so we have been really encouraged by this approach.


We have built this subscription from the ground up specifically to help people who couldn't otherwise afford therapy. We intentionally put systems and processes in place to keep our margins really low. That means lower costs for you and acceptable fees for our therapists who all volunteer to be part of the program.
We're really encouraged by the positive impact this has had on both patients and therapists and want to make this program the benchmark for sustainable therapy provision. 

Absolutely! We check every therapist who comes on to the program and our website. Every therapist must be a member of an accredited body. You can see our accepted Accreditations for therapists here.

At the moment, our affordable therapy sessions are only suitable for individuals aged 18 or above. We do have a very limited availability for under 18s but, please Contact Us first so we can check if any appointment slots are available.

Please note, this offer is not suitable for Couple's or Family counselling.

No problem at all. Let us know on support@uktherapyguide.com

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