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Rehanna Kauser

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Tell Rehanna your story so you may work together to influence its direction. 

About Rehanna:

Rehanna possesses over five years' of clinical experience with national organisations, including the NHS, and private practice, Rehanna works with individuals and couples experiencing a range of issues and 'disorders.' She is a philosophically pluralistic, and integrative psychologist who holds memberships with, and is guided by the ethics of the BPS (British Psychological Society), BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), and SEA (Society for Existential Analysis).  

Issues Rehanna can help you with include:

Depression, Anxiety, Isolation/Loneliness, Low-Self Esteem, Confidence Issues, Life Coaching, Identity Issues, Bereavement/Grief and Loss, Substance Misuse, Demotivation, Existential Crises, Impact of Physical Health/Illness, Anger Management, Bullying, Work/Academic Stress, Disorders (e.g., eating, obsessive compulsive disorder, POCD, health anxiety), Lifespan (midlife/elderly age-related difficulties), Relationship/Family Difficulties, Conflict Resolution, Post-Natal Depression, Sexual Abuse/Trauma, Appearance/Body Image/Dysmorphia, Apathy, Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, Personality Disorders.

Starting Therapy is easy:

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