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Elena Georgiou

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Elena is here to help you find your own way to solve anything that bothers you or keeps you back from living a mentally healthy and fulfilled life.

About Elena:

As a therapist she use methods and techniques from various different schools of thought. She hold an Honor's Degree in Psychology (Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society) and I have post graduate education in counselling psychology and integrative psychotherapy.

Her personal touch lies on the belief that all people are unique in their own ways. Creating an unconditional space where you and every human being will feel safe, respected and fully accepted, is essential for me. She offers therapy within a non - judgmental environment where you can freely express yourself and walk through.

Issues Elena can help you with include:

Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Bereavement, Cancer Dedicated Therapy to Overcome Cancer, Career, Chronic Pain, Death Anxiety, Debt, Depression, Divorce, Emotional Abuse, Lack of Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Attacks, Phobias, Physical Abuse, Postnatal depression, Relationship Difficulties, Sexual Abuse, Smoking, Stress, Work Related Issues

Starting Therapy is easy:

  1. Select your preferred date and time you would like to have sessions each week
  2. Checkout by clicking “Add to cart” 
  3. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking immediately 
  4. Speak to your therapist each week online, over the phone, whatever works best for you!
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